Monday, February 23, 2015


My sister has one of those friends who, despite having two children, manages to take/send/upload selfies almost everyday. Of course she is always dressed to the nines and looking gorgeous doing fabulous things. My sister has taken to forwarding aforementioned selfies to my phone so I too can be party to her escapades. Being the snarky smart*% that I am, one Saturday morning I couldn't help myself but to send back some of my own selfies in all my day to day glory. Enjoy.
Looking sexy as I feed my 9 month old. Nothing says "HAWT" like a no makeup-still-in-my-pajamas  
Scarfing down the last of the kids' sausage balls. Because nothing says "breakfast" like an hours old ice cold sausage ball.

Because this is how I chop onions. That's right I have abandoned all dignity in the hopes of not crying-at least over the onions anyway.

 Yep. No french maid costume here! I'm still in my pajamas. Only now I'm cooking lunch. And what's for lunch you ask?

It's Spongebob Kraft Mac and Cheese. Because it's that kind of day. You know the one where you just give in and cook the most processed-dye containing-commercialized crap product that you can find because you know your kids will eat it.
 I believe this one needs no explanation.

And the end to a perfect day? Sneaking a beer in my driveway. In my bathrobe. I'm sure my neighbors are wondering about my sanity.

What would it look like if you took selfies of your actual life? #therealselfie



  1. LOL at the goggles…well, all of them, actually.
    Mine would just be in the car, since I'm constantly driving!!

    1. My hubby dies every time at the goggles...and the bathrobe/beer combo...Seems like one of my posts on your page may have just been decoded lol.

  2. OMG!!! I'm dying laughing over here! LOL