Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Dump Truck

Saturday night we had a neighborhood cookout on my culdesac.  As we were winding down, my neighbor and I let the kids go inside and play as we cleaned up.  This was big for us as both our girls (both are 3 years old) are strong willed and usually require at least auditory supervision.  However, they have played together really well lately so we let them go.  As C and I are cleaning up and are standing in the kitchen, my daughter comes downstairs and the conversation goes as follows:

SK:"Mrs. C?"

C: yes?

SK: "ummmmmm....... E peed in the dump truck and when I tried to clean it up it spilled on your carpet...floor.  But I cleaned it up".

There was literally silence as C and I looked at each other trying to process this statement and figure out if this was in fact true.

Finally I said, "how did you clean it up?"

SK: "with paper towels".

Another long akward moment of silence as neither one of us know exactly what to say.........

C: "well thank you for cleaning it up".

SK: "you're welcome"

And with that she walked away leaving us to determine which was more shocking-the fact that her child peed in a toy dump truck or that mine cleaned it up.  I kind of thought she might be joking with us until I saw it.  The proof is in the puddle.


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