Monday, July 21, 2014

A Bright Light...

One year ago today we welcomed our sweet baby #2 into this world.  At 8:35am we were told "It's another girl!"  K doesn't know it, but we arranged with my OB to have her born via c-section on this day for a reason.  This was my father's birthday.  We all felt this was a way to honor him. 

The irony is over the last year, we joke that she has a lot of personality like he did-I believe she has a special connection to him, even though she's never met him.  Our sweet K was a bright spot in a long and trying year.  On  July 21, 2013 we were reminded of the circle of life.  It's hard to put into words emotions on a day like today.  So many "firsts" over the last year....her first smile, giggle, crawl, food, even steps.  She is my bundle of joy and energy, yet she is also my snuggle bug.  Yet also all the firsts of life without daddy.  We seem to all finally have settled into new routines and have found the new normal at holidays and birthdays.  I am thankful I've had the summer off to truly enjoy these moments with both my girls and have just finished 10 days of my mom being with us.  My heart is full....Happy Birthday K and Happy Heavenly Birthday Daddy!

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