Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mommy's nite out

Once a month I have a women's group meeting at my church. It is about an hour and a half long and on these nights my husband has to come home from work early and do dinner, baths and bedtime with the kids.

So I'm gone for maybe 15 minutes when I start receiving text messages from the hubs. The first is just a picture, no message.

At this point I'm still engaged in the discussion at my meeting but I'm weighing whether or not I should politely excuse myself and step into the hallway to call home. I decide that he would call if things were out of control and that it is probably safe to stay put.

About 20 minutes later I get another text.



This picture comes with a message that says "And then he threw up all over the floor. Too much running around after dinner."


The meeting is starting to wrap up so I figure this too can wait. The kids were already asleep when I got home but I was assured that they were fine. Then the hubs informs me that "I cleaned as best I could but couldn't get it all so I decided to let it dry because it should clean better after it's dried".


Next there was a quick reeducation regarding stains, spills and cleaning techniques.

The next morning when I went to get DC out of bed I open the door to his room to see about 15 paper towels neatly laid out over the vomit stain. DC (who can barely speak a coherent word) stands up in his crib, points at the mess and says "It happens Mommy".

"Yes buddy, it does."


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