Monday, November 11, 2013

18 Reasons my 4 YO is out of bed

1. Her belly button hurts
2. Her rainbow light up pillow is only lighting up red and green
3. Her stuffed cow's t-shirt came off
4. Her stuffed cow is freezing with no shirt on
5. She keeps closing her eyes "but they just keep popping back open"
6. Her baby doll has to go potty
7. She felt like 4:20 am was the perfect time to apply an entire bottle of sunscreen because "I not want to get burnt"
8. She has to poop
9. She forgot to listen to the music boxes and needs them wound up again
10. She can't find her pencil sharpener
11. She found the pencil sharpener but it "popped open and spilled all in my bed"
12. She might need to throw up
13. Her room is too dark
14. Her nightlight is too bright
16. She needs more water
17. She has to pee
18. Her stuffed reindeer's bow came untied


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