Monday, December 16, 2013

Bubble gum.....

So recently Big Daddy started letting SK eat bubble gum.  Now, I questioned this as she might accidentally swallow it.  But instead, he told her, "we don't swallow gum because it will clog our booty and then you can't poop".  I looked at him with a "why are you telling her that look" and his reply was, "well it worked on me as a kid".  So fast forward a few days to last Wednesday night.  Big Daddy is working and I'm home with both girls.  SK was eating a lollipop with gum in it since she had a great day-(sure we bribe her with candy-our dentist loves it.) 

So I'm cooking dinner and suddenly she comes hysterically running into the kitchen and is holding her throat dramatically crying," I SWALLOWED MY GUM!!!"  I very calmly said, "we told you that you have to be careful".  Frantically she runs out of the kitchen screaming.  I realize she's gone to the bathroom and is sitting on the toilet screaming at me saying, "I swallowed my gum and it's not coming out!!!  The gum has clogged my BOOTY!!!"  Which of course is then followed with, "I'm NEVER gonna be able to POOP again!!!"  Now, of course, I'm trying to keep my serious mom face through all of this and explain that it will, in fact, be okay.  But she gets off the potty and is running to me screaming and hysterically crying, "I CLOGGED MY BOOTY!  IT WON'T COME OUT! and then with complete drama...." I HAVE to call Daddy" (of course all the while holding her throat).

So we call Daddy, and I calmly say, "so SK needs to talk to's important."  And she follows with huge tears and sniffles, "Daddy, I swallowed my gum and it's clogged my BOOTY!  I tried to go potty and it won't come out because it's CLOGGED MY BOOTY!"  So now, I'm really trying to hold  a straight face and he's trying not to laugh on the phone as he calmly tells her, "it's okay.  We all make mistakes, we just can't do it again".  The good news is that she has since used the bathroom so the crisis was averted :)  and we finally were able to distract her and calm her down but we learned a lesson-be careful what you say to try to threaten your child....


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